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June 25, 2013
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(For the sound effects! :3)


The time were ten past midnight, with a sense of coolness as the start of a blizzard began outdoors. The pair were sitting together on a brown couch in front of the fireplace, its flames rising and crackling softly. Coals glowed amber and ashes sputtered into the small bricked area. Ivan wore a kind expression as he looks over towards the older nation, grinning to him with a protective arm holding him close. The other were red in the cheeks, not quite used to the affection, for it were only a week ever since they've been together.

"This is my first blizzard not being alone~" he beams, his forehead touching the top of Yao's head. China blinks a little, nodding. "'s so loud out there aru. No wonder we up so late, we could probably not sleep aru.." he replies, shyly leaning into the other. Ivan happily allows this, keeping an arm snugly wrapped around him. "You know, if you don't want to wait to go upstairs, we can sleep down here da?" he suggests. He did seem sleepy after all, and he had to admit, he really didn't feel like getting up either.
"It's warmer in here too~" he adds in a persuasive notion.
The Chinese nation had to agree, so he nods. He also wanted to stay near the fire, so it seemed like a good idea. Russia smiles a little, taking his arm out from around him and pressing lips to his forehead before scooting away to gather some thick blankets in the corner of the heated room.
Yao naturally flushes at the show of affection, yet a simple smile made it's way to his lips, chocolate orbs hazily glancing to the dancing fire.

Ivan came back eventually with three thick blankets of furs and cotton before dropping them in one big plop of a pile. He chuckles contently while seating himself down again besides his lover and generously giving him all the blanket he needed to stay bundled and warm. By the time he was done wrapping the other he looked like a sheep, or maybe a Chinese mummy all snuggled together in the blankets. He couldn't help but laugh softly, keeping some of the left over blanket for his lap as he pulled back the couch for it to be a small bed-sized cushion. He then leans back, bringing the other down with him, who at the time was too sleepy to notice. Yao yawns into the pillows, smiling shyly to himself with a small giggle. "Xie xie aru.. I-I am warm now." he nods. "Fire also help. And you do too, you are also warm."
"I'm glad," he replies softly, wrapping an arm around his waist again to pull him close against him, intertwining their legs like rose vines and lovingly brushing his thumb over Yao's long locks. Yao once again felt his cheeks flare in crimson, yet he could always just say because he was warm. He closes eyes slowly into the other's chest, happily nuzzling into him. "X-xie xie.."
"Mhm~" Russia beams, looking down to him with a nod. Lips glide over to his head, leaving him small kisses every other second. He never felt so warm before.. or needed.

Yao.. Yao is everything to me. He is my everything..

Russia studies the sleepy nation against him, who's breathing became softer in an attempt to fall asleep alluringly.

He gave me.. every reason to be happy to be alive. He's the reason why I am here, why I keep going..

Russia settles into the other, letting his eyes fall closed and his forehead resting into Yao. A free hand toys with dark locks of beautiful hair, pressing kisses to his head again-- he couldn't help it!

"I love you, Yao. I love you so much.." he whispers quietly. The other was silent before a slow mumble escaped his lips. Something like, 'Love you as most'. He couldn't quite tell. But he didn't mind one bit.
Smiling to himself, he eventually falls asleep, with his angel and lover in his arms safely.

Nothing could ever harm Yao, ever. As long as Russia was there, and as long as China by his side, nothing in the world could make him sad.
Cuddles and fluff! :iconyayrussiaplz:

Do I honestly have to say the characters don't belong to my ass? Because like seriously do I look Japanese to you
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